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DHW Nutrition & Fitness

One of our preferred partners that educates behavior change through improving nutrition and fitness.


DHW FIt Beauty

DHW Fit Beauty & DHW FIT Life Shop 

Beauty, Wellness, Fitness and Fashion Blog

PlateJoy's health program was created to help prevent Type 2 diabetes.

The great new is...That this program is covered by many insurance plans across the country.

To determine eligibility use the link below to: 

Answer a short quiz to determine if you are at an elevated risk for Type 2 Diabetes, and if eligible,  sign up for the program where you will receive:


  • A free wireless scale

  • A free Fitbit fitness tracker

  • A free PlateJoy meal planning membership

  • Exclusive video interviews with health experts

  • Personalized recipes to keep you on track

  • Time-saving grocery lists optimized to reduce waste

  • Full nutritional information for every meal

  • Option to send your list to Instacart for grocery delivery

  • On-demand advice

Use DHW10 for 10% off your purchase 



DHW Fit Enterprises LLC is the parent corporation to the following companies:


  • DHW Nutrition & Fitness: Nutrition & Fitness 

  • DHW Fit Foundation: Non Profit  

  • DHW Beauty:  Beauty & Fashion Blog

Course Careers Tech Career Preparation  program.  

Course Careers teaches you everything you need to know about the career path you choose and how to start your career. They have partnered with companies that want to hire their students in entry-level positions and they don't require a degree or any previous experiences. 

Use code DHW50 for $50.00 off


Gains in Bulk is a homegrown company created by bodybuilding and sculpting enthusiasts. Gains in Bulk sources top quality supplement ingredients proven to create gains in strength, leanness, and overall performance. While keeping prices low is a major mission for Gains in Bulk, their biggest mission is to ensure they sell only the best, most powerful ingredients. In an industry inundated with cheap, poorly-absorbed supplements it has become their driving passion to supply ONLY scientifically verified and proven, pure products.

Discount Code: Shantea58809


Trifecta is a convenient service that is designed to bring chef-prepared meals right to your front door. Trifecta addresses the concerns of potential long­ term health problems by removing processed food, chemicals, and preservatives from your diet and preparing your meals FRESH with all natural ingredients.

Eating clean is not always easy, so we’ve made it simple enough to fit every individual’s needs. Whether you are looking to lose weight, live a clean and healthy life, or build lean muscle mass through a natural diet, our service has a line of meals to fit your lifestyle.


Use Link below for 40% off your 1st box: 


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